Annual Physicals

Annual Physical Screenings

Receiving annual screenings can be immensely beneficial since it can provide the comfort of knowing that you are illness and disease free! Annual screenings are exceedingly important because it allows healthcare professionals to detect or identify any potential health problems and conditions within a patient before they become serious. If you receive a physical examination every two to three years, you are bound to prevent any serious diseases from ever arising within your body. Indeed, a routine physical can save many lives and can increase the chances for all patients to live a long and healthy lifetime.

What to Expect

So what happens in a annual physical examination? In most annual physicals, the physicians review the patients’ medical and occupational history while asking questions regarding their diet, behavior, exercise, bodily issues or concerns, and any other health related questions. Most examinations also consist of inspections of the head, nose, throat, chest, heart, lungs and abdomen for masses. In addition, vital signs, blood pressure, vision, urine and other bodily functions are checked in order to ensure that you are completely healthy.

We guarantee that you will receive a meticulous and proper examination by trained physicians in a stress-free environment. We will always listen to the patient’s concerns, answer any medical questions and provide counseling for any and all your medical issues.

So, do you need to take a physical? Call Healthpointe at (888) 824-6468 or contact us here and schedule an appointment today!

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