Executive Physicals

Healthpointe Executive Physical Examinations

Have you ever experienced vertigo while delivering an important presentation to your boss or clients? Have you ever felt nauseous when dealing with impatient customers over the phone or in person? Ever sensed that you were about to vomit while consoling one of your employees? Wouldn’t you want to avoid this situation from occurring in your life?  Well, that’s where the executive physical examinations come in!

Offered Annually

Executive physicals are offered annually to all employers who wish to maintain their key executives in peak performance and flawless shape. These physicals allow employers the privilege of securing the health of their employees.  Additionally, employers can receive the benefit of knowing that their employees are capable of striving and performing all tasks and responsibilities that they are asked to do while working at an unrivaled capacity.

However, is time a factor? We understand that time is incredibly limited and it could be difficult to receive a physical examination when our jobs envelop every second of our lives.  You’ll be happy to know that Healthpointe is here to help! Healthpointe is willing to work with your busy schedule and we promise that you will receive proper examinationin a state-of-the-art facility.The executive physical could comprise of blood tests, X-Rays, pulmonary function testing, audiograms, full body CAT scans, EKGs, vascular age tests, urinalysis along with other examinations. Indeed, we assure you that no conditions or illnesses are overlooked.  We tailor our executive physicals for our clients needs.

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Healthpointe recognizes that securing the health of vital executives and management is significantly important to the success of any organization.

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