Junior High School Sports Physicals

School Physicals for Junior High School Students

Whether your child is interested in playing basketball or trying out for a track and field team, junior high school physicals are required in many states before the child is allowed to play for a school sanctioned sports team or event. These physical examinations determine whether a child is physically and medically fit enough to perform strenuous physical activities when they play sports. This will reduce the chances that your child will suffer from sports-related injuries or more serious health risks because of an aggravation of an existing medical condition.

Where and When to Get Junior High School Physicals

While junior high school physicals are not required in every state, it is still recommended that students get the necessary medical clearance before engaging in any sport, especially those that are physically demanding. The clearances students get from their primary care physicians or other health care providers are valid for an entire school year and need to be renewed every year if they wish to participate in any school-sanctioned sporting event. In states where pre-participation physicals are required, the schools schedule the physical examinations several weeks before the sports season begins. Those who want to get their certifications independently during the summer months can do so from their primary care physician or any accredited medical facility.

Why Should Junior High Students Undergo Pre-Participation Physicals?

Junior high students can be quite hyperactive and full of pent up energy. One way to burn off some of this extra energy is to encourage them to participate in sports. Unfortunately, sports and other strenuous extracurricular activities can take a toll on a teenager’s body and pre-existing medical conditions can be triggered or become aggravated if not caught early. The risk of sports injuries is also very high among children and teenagers, which is why parents should be vigilant in order to ensure their child’s health and safety when engaging in any type of sport. A trip to the doctor once a year can help prevent and reduce the incidents of sports-related injuries, illnesses, and even death.

Junior high school physicals are not designed to replace a child’s annual medical check with their doctor. Instead, it determines a student’s physical fitness and ability to perform strenuous activities. The doctor or healthcare professional looks at the student’s medical history and the result of a battery of physical examinations, and makes a decision based on the overall health of the student as well as the sports they intend to participate in. Those who are cleared to play sports often receive no restrictions and can play whatever sport he or she chooses; however, there are cases when a student athlete is recommended to switch to a less strenuous sport in order to avoid any physical or medical problems in the future.

Whether or not pre-participation physicals are required for a child to engage in any sporting activity in school, doctors still recommend that students go through junior high school physicals to ensure their health and safety.

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