Sports Physical Clinics

Beneficial to All Individuals

We’re sure you are aware that sports and outdoor activities are exceptionally beneficial to all individuals.  Sports like Football and Tennis can help you maintain a healthy and rejuvenating body while invoking a sense of confidence within yourself. However, before you can participate in the next sport related activity, it is highly recommended that you complete an academic physical examination.

Required by Most States

Scholastic sport physicals are required by most academic systems in each state. They are conducted to determine if a person is medically cleared to participate in any particular sport or school activity. Even if a school does not require a student to undergo a physical, it is still highly advised that all individuals take the exam by means of a healthcare provider.  This way, the treating physician can detect conditions and illnesses that could predispose the students to new injuries.

Comprised of Two Main Sections

Sport physicals are comprised of two main sections; the medical history and the physical exam.  The medical history section consists of questions regarding the patient’s history with illnesses, allergies, medications and surgeries.  They may ask questions that pertain to the medical history of their family or ask about past injuries that the patient has sustained. Questions may differ depending on the patient’s gender, age or any changes that they are experiencing, such as puberty.  The second section focuses on the physical aspect of the patient’s body; for example, the physical examiner records the height and weight of the patient. The physician examines the blood pressure and the pulse and also checks that all senses are intact. Additionally, the bodily functions, like the heart and lungs, are also examined to inspect if there are any problems that may deter a person from playing sports.

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