TB Testing and TB Screening (Tuberculosis Test)

What is a TB Test and How Much Does It Cost?

A TB skin test will tell you if you have ever been exposed to the bacteria that causes tuberculosis (TB). At Healthpointe Clinics, we charge as little as $25 for TB test.

How TB Testing and TB Screening is done:

  • A small amount of fluid is placed under your skin on the inside of your forearm. A very small needle is used, so you usually will only feel a slight pinch.
  • It is important that you do NOT place a bandage or any lotion or cream on the test spot. Do NOT scratch or itch the spot. Do NOT wipe or scrub the area.
  • Return to your nearest Healthpointe Urgent Care location by the scheduled time so our staff can evaluate the test spot on your arm. He or she will look at the test spot and measure any bump that has appeared there. Your Healthpointe staff member will let you know if your test is negative or positive (NOTE: Failure to return and have the TB test “read” within the designated time (48 to 72 hours after placement) will invalidate the test and it will have to be repeated).

Request an appointment today or Call (888) 824-6468 to see our providers for your TB Testing. We have 11 locations in Southern California to serve you.

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