Travel Physicals

Travel Plans?

Do you plan on traveling to a exotic or exciting destination abroad?  Maybe you plan on attending school in England or Japan as a foreign exchange student.  Or perhaps you are leaving to France for a perfect employment opportunity that channels your dream career.

Travel physicals are required for those who plan on traveling abroad, whether for employment, academic or for pleasure purposes. Certain countries require the completion of a physical and/or proper vaccination in order to receive a visa.  Without a physical examination, you may not be able to enter the country of your desire.  Let us help you avoid that or any other issues that you may encounter.

Proper Evaluation

Like other physicals, our healthcare providers will properly evaluate any health concerns and issues that you may have.  We will also prescribe you with any travel medication as needed so that you can venture to your country with a reassured and satisfied state of mind.  In addition we can also provide  you with vaccines that are required for traveling. Please allow us 48-72 hours to order the vaccinations.

Call Healthpointe at (888) 824-6468 or contact us here and schedule an appointment.

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