FAA Pilot Physical Exam

FAA Pilot Physical Exam by Certified AME

Your FAA Pilot Physical Exam will be conducted by our certified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) Dr. Gabriel Martin del Campo.

Required by Federal Law

As required by federal law, prior to flying solo in an airplane, helicopter, gyroplane, or airship, you need to get a medical certificate, which can be obtained following a medical examination and evaluation of your physical history by an Aviation Medical Examiner authorized to do so by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A medical certificate is a form of evidence of your physical fitness to operate as a pilot. It is suggested that you get your medical certificate prior to beginning any flight training as this will give you an opportunity to be aware of any conditions that would prevent you from becoming a pilot prior to paying for and engaging in any lessons.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates are designated as first-class, second-class, or third-class. A first-class medical certificate is designated for the airline transport pilot, which is valid for 6 calendar months if the airman is age 40 or over and valid for 12 calendar months if the airman is under the age of 40. A second-class medical certificate is for the commercial pilot, which is valid for 12 calendar months. Lastly, a third-class medical certificate is for the student, recreational and private pilot, which is valid for 24 calendar months if the airman is age 40 or over and 60 calendar months if the airman is under the age of 40.

Aviation Medical Examiner

In order to obtain a medical certificate, an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner must examine you. It is important to take your physical exam early in the month that is due in order to prevent a lapse in your medical certificate. Prior to coming in to your appointment for, complete an official FAA Form 8500-8 via the FAA MedXpress website located at https://medxpress.faa.gov. The FAA Form 8500-8 is completed electronically so that information entered via the MedXPress website will be transmitted to the FAA and will be available to your Aviation Medical Examiner to review at the time of your medical examination.

Once you have completed the electronic FAA Form 8500-8 and on the day of your medical examination, the Aviation Medical Examiner will verify your identity with two forms of identification and initiate the exam. The specific class of medical certificate you are applying for will determine the intensity of the medical examination. Generally, the third class medical examination is the least intrusive while the first class medical examination will require a more in-depth and extensive examination. At the most basic level, the medical examination will consist of vision and hearing tests, a urinalysis to check for blood or protein in the urine or for any signs of diseases, measurement of your blood pressure, a review of your complete medical history, and a review of your mental health status. For a more extensive level of examination as required for the second and third-class medical certificates, the basic medical examination remains the same but the frequency in which the medical examination has to be completed will increase and more extensive lab work such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) would be required.

Following the Examination

Following the examination, if you meet the FAA airmen medical standards, your Aviation Medical Examiner will issue you a medical certificate without restriction or limitation other than the predetermined limitation as to the duration of its validity. As an airman that is required to hold a medical certificate, you must have it in your personal possession at all times when exercising your privileges for which you are licensed. In situations where you may have physical disabilities or health problems, it does not mean that you cannot obtain a medical certification, but rather the FAA may issue a medical certification contingent on other factors and/or periodic reports. For example, you may have to switch to different medications more acceptable for flight; you may have to wait until you are symptom-free; or in cases involving chronic illnesses, you may have to submit periodic reports verifying that your condition is adequately controlled.

A medical examination for your second-class and third-class medical certificate can be performed by Dr. Gabriel Martin del Campo at one of our HealthPointe locations. Dr. Gabriel Martin del Campo has been designated by the FAA as an Aviation Medical Examiner as of August 2010. Contact Healthpointe today to schedule an appointment for your FAA Medical Certificate examination!


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